How a Right Test Management Tool helps in Releasing a Quality Software?


Choosing a right test management tool is like discovering the secret ingredient to cook a family famous recipe. With the quality merits getting high, testers are always on the go to redefining their testing strategies at a high pace.

Following are the few activities testers perform on a daily basis:

  • Scripting and maintaining a test release/test cycle/ backlog information
  • Assuring to reuse test resources for every test release
  • Creating a traceability matrix report for test procedures and assets
  • Achieving almost 100% test coverage
  • Construct backup support for Test implementation, such as creating test suites and test execution reports, etc.
  • Bug/Defect hunting and management

All the above-mentioned responsibilities are quite intrinsic in nature and require a fervent bug management tool to accomplish these highly critical tasks. And it gets even harder while working on challenging techniques like DevOps, Agile, shift-left approach, etc.

So, note down how a right test management app helps in releasing a quality software:

  • Minimize Errors

Manual testing is important to get off bugs and errors that are rooted deep down and can’t be detected by automation only. To achieve the goal, testers do repetitive testing manually that takes if done carelessly. While a test management app can greatly help in reducing errors that are most occurring while repetitive testing.

  • Achieve Stability and Consistency

Some of the priority testing tasks require more consistency and repetition to ensure their stability and quality parameters. Doing this manually can lead to error generation and make things worse. Where a test management tool backlogs the test assets and doesn’t require testers to reproduce bugs, this way the crucial stability and consistency is achieved quite smoothly.

  • Accessible Test Reports

A defect/bug tool provides well-structured and well-scripted reports for deliberate assessment of the test data and scrutiny. It delivers report information through very optical graphics, charts, stats, performance matrix, etc.

Software Testing Company Kualitatem has a standalone Test Management Tool Kualitee that actively perform and help in delivering a quality software in the end.

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