How a Right Test Management Tool helps in Releasing a Quality Software?


Choosing a right test management tool is like discovering the secret ingredient to cook a family famous recipe. With the quality merits getting high, testers are always on the go to redefining their testing strategies at a high…

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Responsive Testing For Shazam App


“If you are not considering testing of your app, then you are doing a serious mistake” Shazam app is one of the world’s most popular app used by the millions of smartphone users all across the globe. This…

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Kualitee! A Bug Management Tool with Plenty OF Innovative Features

A bug management tool can help development teams to ensure the quality of their product by removing out the bugs in a timely fashion. A wide range of bug management tools are available out there, but among all…

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Emerging Trends In Software Testing To Follow In 2018; You Must Need To Know

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retty good testing is easy to do (that’s partly why some people like to say ‘testing is dead’– they think testing isn’t needed as a special focus because they note that anyone can find at least some bugs…

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Software Quality Assurance For Campaign Management Software

Software quality assurance

Software quality assurance of every campaign management software is essential and it must have to be carried out by hiring a software QA consulting firm having years of experience in independent test analysis. Campaign management software plays a…

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Top Of The Line Engineering Accounting Software And There Usability Testing


Engineering accounting software is the essential part of any engineering construction company who wants to establish overall perfection and reliability in performance. Engineering accounting software offers accounts outstanding, accounts receivable, advanced cost accounting, expense administration, financial management and…

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Responsive Test Analysis Of Greenhouse Software


Responsive testing of any human resource management software is essential and must be carried out with the help of a responsive testing company. If your software is responsive on all available platforms, then you have the chance to…

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